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There are many versions of the humble cheesecake, but we've opted for this Irish Cream and Chocolate flavouring as it has a touch of alcohol in it!

This recipe is easy to prepare but will require some time to set in the fridge, so allow for that when you get started......


* 100g of butter
* 250g of crushed digestive biscuits
* 600g of cream cheese
* 25ml of Baileys or other Irish cream liqueur
* 100ml of icing sugar
* 300ml of double cream (whipped)
* 100g of grated chocolate


* Cocoa Powder to dust
* 200ml of double cream (whipped)

Preparation Method

1. Melt the butter in a pan and add the crushed digestive biscuits. Mix together well until the biscuits have absorbed all the butter.
2. Remove from the heat and press the crumbled biscuits into the bottom of a lined 18cm springform tin. Now place in the refrigerator and allow to set for 1 hour.
3. Whilst the base is in the fridge you can prepare the filing. Start by lightly whipping the cream cheese in a bowl, then add beat in the Irish cream liqueur and icing sugar.
4. Now fold in the whipped cream and grated chocolate. When the mixture is smooth, spoon it evenly over the biscuit base.
5. Place back in the fridge and allow to set for a further 2 hours, or until your happy that it has set fully.
6. Once set, remove the tin and place on a plate and decorate with whipped cream, added a dusting of the cocoa powder. Enjoy!

Courtesy of BBC Food and Rob Burns.

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