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The Soundtrack To Your Weekend

10th October 2013 | Posted in Music

It's that time again. THE CHUFFING WEEKEND IS HERE. As usual, we're incredibly pleased about this fact (thank god it happens once a week huh?), so to celebrate we've put together yet another playlist to list your spirits no matter what you're getting up to.

This week's all about classic R & B collaborations, and we've got all the bases covered. From the down right ridiculous to the outrageously good, all you need to do is press play, and crack on with enjoying two glorious days of doing WHATEVER YOU DAMN WELL PLEASE.

Cheers to that. So here we go, 20 (that's TWENTY) of the best R & B collaborations. Ever. Think we've missed anything? Drop us a Tweet @masdings and we may well just chuck it in there for you. Enjoy.

1) American Boy-Estelle feat. Kanye West: Annoyingly, this is one of the more modern tracks on this playlist. Coming out of 2008 (dear lord we do feel old), it features a younger, cleaner cut Kanye West, who decides to rap about knowing that your favourite drink is Ribena, as opposed to claiming he is God. Nice change then.

2) Bonnie & Clyde- Jay-Z feat. Beyonce: Question; were these two a couple when this song (which refuses to ever sound old by the way), was made? Answers on a postcard please. Or a Tweet will suffice. Either way. Isn't this just great.

3) Gold Digger- Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx: The young Mr West is back, and this time he's bought a friend who is so foxxy, he needs to x's in his surname. We all know this little number, from way back in 2005. Kanye's got a problem with a gold digging woman- we're going to assume he won't have the same problem with Kim Kardashian though?

4) Oh-Ciara feat. Ludacris: We all forgot about this didn't we? And Ciara. But when she's wearing a striped, cropped, sleeveless hoody, who could ever blame us? Especially whilst she's doing some kind of awkward running man who has his feet glued to the floor dance move. At least she redeems her self by dancing on Ludacris' car...oh no wait, that's just incredibly odd. Top song though.

5) No Diggity- Blackstreet feat. Dr.Dre & Queen Pen: 1996. That's when this song came out. We can't work out what's more shocking though- the fact that it's now 17 years old, or that it sounds just as good now as it did then. TUUUNE.

6) Let's Get Married (Remix)- Jagged Edge feat. RUN DMC: Two absolute power houses of the 90's get together and make some radio magic that will make your speakers have a fit of happiness. Despite the title, we suggest you don't use this song as a roundabout manner of proposing to your loved one. Unless you're trying to inadvertently break up, of course.

7) Whatt a Man- Salt 'n' Peppa feat. En Vogue: HELLLLLL YEAHHHHH! Bit of girl power way before the likes of posh and sporty spice rocked up. Hell, even the lads can enjoy this one.

8) Dilemma-Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland: This is a serious classic. However, upon reflection, it's kind of cringey that Nelly decided to stick a plaster on his cheek. What the hell is that about?

9) You Know What's Up-Donell Jones feat Lisa Left Eye: Despite his featuring artist sounding like a rubbish pirate, Donell Jones pulled a real rabbit out the hat with this track. Taking it down a few notches, it's chilled, steady, and generally pretty nice.

10) Area Codes-Ludacris feat. Nate Dogg: From the relaxed, to the down right ridiculous. Ludacris is the 'Abominable Hoe Man', and Nate Dogg is his assistant at his international airport which apparently only caters for women. What a great day that must have been to be Mr Ludacris and Mr Dogg.

11) Never Leave You (UH OH)-Lumidee feat. Busta Rhymes & Fabolous: That uh ohhh thing is one of those annoying lyrics that you have a job getting out of your head. Sorry if we've done that to you. (Not sorry).

12) Ride Wit Me- Nelly feat. Spud City: There's not a great deal to say about this song, because you're either a) skipping it b) dancing to it or c) rapping to it. If it's C, we hope you've put a plaster on your cheek to honour Mr Nelly.

13) Livin' It Up- Ja Rule feat. Case: Welcome back to the era of daft rap, and even dafter rappers. We can't deny that this song isn't good, but Ja Rule just piles on the gangster flavoured cheese doesn't he? Also, why does he sound so angry? Strange.

14) Regulate- Warren G feat. Nate Dogg: Mr Dogg is teaming up with Warren G this time for a chilled out piece of rappy, hippy-hoppy goodness. Warren G and Nate Dogg have to regulate, don't you know.

15) Slow Jamz-Kanye West feat. Twista & Jamie Foxx: Got a light skinned friend look like Michael Jackson? Didn't think so. Mr West is back, and he's bought along the Foxx, and Twista for good measure. We won't rip in to this song, it's far too good. We love it. No shame in saying that. Even if there is, we don't care. So there.

16) I Need a Girl- P. Diddy feat. Usher & Loon: P. Diddy (as he was known when he made this), teams up with the daddy of all R & B singers, Usher in this tasty little track. No idea who Loon is, but hey, if he's good enough for P.Diddy and Usher, he's good enough for us.

17) Hate It Or Love It- The Game feat. 50 Cent: Somebody commented this on YouTube, stating that it's the greatest song in the history of rap. Obviously that chap's deluded, but it is still a very good track. It's kind of summery too, which can only be a good thing. It features an awful lot of stuff to make it the best rap video ever: such as continuous head bobbing and a lot of scenes of gangs on streets- but the greatest rap song ever? Please. We all know that Little Mix are the best rappers going... oh no wait.

18) Stan- Eminem feat. Dido: Slight change of tone there. Sorry about that. What ever happened to Dido? She disappeared off the face of the planet incredibly quickly. Anyway- everyone loves this song. Enjoy.

19) Signs- Justin Timberlake feat. Snoop Dogg: JT! JT! IT'S JT! What a guy. Although his latest album is an absolute joke (seriously, don't buy that crap), he did ok with this little number. We can't put that down to Mr Dogg either (not to be affiliated with the other Mr Dogg), because lets face it, he doesn't actually do a great deal.

20) Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)- Wyclef Jean feat Akon & Lil Wayne: This is our last song together people. Incredibly upsetting. Seeing as it's the end of our mammoth collection of goodness, we decided to end it on a hint of controversy. Let's face it, this isn't a classic. BUT IT'S AMAZING, so we don't care. Despite the fact that this incredibly random team of rappers apparently have to save some woman from a refugee camp (?), this song is absolutely chuffing brilliant.

Well, that's that. From ridiculous bandanna wearing rappers, to a foxxy Jamie Foxx, and even a relatively friendly looking Kanye West, we've seen an awful lot. Have a top notch weekend everyone- please avoid dancing like Ciara if you're heading to your nearest dance floor; she is not an example to follow, under any circumstances.

Ryan J Gray


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