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A Night With Levi

17th September 2015 | Posted in Womens & Brands by H. Simpson



Last week was a chance to catch up with the Levi's brand, who held host to a gathering of people in an old warehouse near Shoreditch. Introducing their brand new women's collection with classic and new styles making an appearance and debuting? their all new TV advert. The setting was perfect - a rustic, abandoned looking warehouse with a lack of furniture -  bar some shabby chic cupboards and a large centre stage. 

The main purpose of the occasion was to mingle amongst others and share views on the iconic brand as well as viewing a 10 minute catwalk; showcasing brand new reworked styles that have been kept up to date with the latest trends as well as staying true to the classics. 




A general guide

Super Skinny: Very tight fitting. If you like your jeans skinny - this one's for you!

High Rise Skinny: The high rise means the jeans are worn up to the waist - very on trend right now!

Skinny: So you like them skinny but you still want to have a bit of room to breathe? Opt for this style!

Slim: Not a fan of the skinny but don't want too much of a baggy fit either? Choose slim!

Straight: No slim fit, tapered, styled, nothing! Just good old straight clean cut jeans - wear with a chunky black belt from the 90's and a simple tee tucked in!

Bootcut: Remember when everyone wore these? Yep, they're back! Wear with heels and a fitted shirt tucked in!


What we learned

Ever wondered what the number means on a pair of Levi jeans? Well heres a rough summary. The newly introduced numbers now stand for the fit as well as the style and what look they offer with regards to parts of the leg. Example, the difference between the skinny and super skinny is just one simple number - skinnys are 711, showing that they are skinny to the leg but with a little added room, whereas the super skinny are 710, therefore more fitted around the ankle. So what are the bootcut? 715's obviously - the last number is going to be generous due to the widened bottom. Note that this rule does not apply to the original classics such as the 501's!

After the catwalk, the models were left to mingle with guests whilst offering a closer look at each individual style. See the images to the top of the page for each fit. (L-R: Bootcut, Straight, Slim, Super Skinny, High Rise Skinny, Skinny)


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