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International Denim Arrivals

1st April 2014 | Posted in Mens

At the core of pretty much every wardrobe on the planet, a decent pair of jeans is one of the most versatile starting points for a whole host of looks.

With denim jeans first being introduced as a form of work wear, their evolution has been slow and studied- from the very first pair by Levi’s that served American workers, to modern day denims that are crafted and worn all over the world, jeans have become an international symbol for effortless style.

This season sees denim continue its unassailable claim to being one of fashion’s must haves, with arrivals for the new season coming from brands in all corners of the globe, giving you plenty of options to carry a denim led look into spring. Check out some of our favourite style picks below and check out the wide spread origins of your denims:

Edwin Ed-55 Blue Unwashed Rainbow Selvage Relaxed Tapered Jean

Made by the kings of Japanese denim, Edwin were the first brand to make a pair of jeans entirely in Japan. A strong culture was grown around the brand ever since, putting fashion in Japan on the map, and gaining them recognition as a true super power in the denim world-their mixture of sleek cuts, simple designs and unparalleled quality became a sought after commodity, and gave Edwin an army of niche denim heads who longed for an iconic pair of jeans.

These Edwin selvage ED-55’s are testament to the legacy that Edwin created in the Far East, featuring the labels famed rainbow selvage. Signalling a superior quality, selvage denim offers a heavier, harder wearing nature to the standard denims used on other jeans, resulting in longer lasting, quality jeans. Traditionally featuring a red running stitch on the inside of the leg, Edwin changed the face of selvage denim with this innovative rainbow stitch- offering an instantly distinctive look that can only be provided by the Edwin label.

With a raw denim that gives an individual look with more and more wear, these Edwin Ed-55’s featuring a regular fit on the thigh and a tapered fit on the calf and ankle, making them perfect for teaming up with some old school sneakers like Reebok’s or Adidas Originals for a specialist denim led look.

Nudie Jeans Blue Esmeralds Jeans Tape Ted

From Tokyo we journey over to Gothenburg, Sweden for our next pair of denims, courtesy of Nudie Jeans. One of the first brands to introduce an open stance on ecological denim production, Nudie has managed to create their denims using 100% organic cotton. Heralding from a Scandinavian style that has become something of a phenomenon in recent years, Nudie Jeans are produced in Italy, giving an assurance of supreme quality.

These Nudie Jeans Blue Esmeralds Tape Ted jeans show the high level of craftsmanship that goes into every pair of Nudie Jeans. A slim fit from the hip to the ankle offers an on trend look, whilst a heavily faded denim wash gives the perfect shade to wear through summer. The iconic Nudie swirl on the back pocket gives these jeans a huge affiliation with one of Sweden’s favourite denim labels, and makes them instantly recognisable as a pair of Nudie’s.

G-Star Arc 3D Wisk Denim Medium Aged Slim Jean

It’s a short hop from Sweden to the Netherlands- the home of G-Star denim. Famed as being one of the most creative and innovative brands in the denim industry, G-Star became a fashion powerhouse with the launch of some of history’s most iconic denim shapes.

Gaining a penchant for creating jeans with huge appeal thanks to their innovative denim washes and colours, G-Star jeans are a stalwart of modern style. These G-Star Arc 3D Wisk Denim Medium Aged Slim Jean are the perfect example of G-Star’s innovative tradition, featuring a cut that wraps round the leg to give a twisted appearance. Beautifully faded denim provides a strong optic to these jeans, making them a well balanced pair of jeans that are set to inject a touch of something new to your wardrobe.

Pretty Green Heavy Blue New LG Jean

Completing the final leg of our international denim journey, Pretty Green bring us back home to England and dive us straight into the realms of rock and roll style. Founded by the infamous Liam Gallagher, Pretty green was created purely to provide a fresh look to a fashion industry that Gallagher had begun to think was saturated with the same look. The result proved to be a sensation, with Pretty Green gaining itself an army of loyal fans who cherished its niche designs.

These Pretty Green Heavy Blue New LG Jeans are a classic tribute to the original rock and roll style, with a simple straight fit, five-pocket design and stone wash that’s perfect for wearing with everything from desert boots to pumps.


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