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This coming season see's one of our favourite street wear labels, Trainer Spotter, turn to the grand old age of ten...TEN! To celebrate, the London based brand that keeps its heart in the past, and its head buried in the proverbial barrel of old school sports wear has come up with some brilliant collaborations and found some fresh inspiration, that's got us falling in love with the famous palm tree brand all over again. Paying homage to everything from vintage sneakers by some of the biggest and best brands to grace our trendy little planet, to forgotten sportswear from foreign shores, Trainer Spotter have been like the walking, talking street wear bible for some time now. With previous collaborations coming with the likes of New Era and Starter, the world has trusted Trainer Spotter to deliver everything that's good about street culture; from the music, to the sports and the threads, for the past ten years. So Happy Birthday Trainer Spotter-what a decade it's been- and without further a do, let's take a glance at what they've got in store for us this season, because we can't bloody wait to see for ourselves... The Raccoons

One thing you can always rely on Trainer Spotter for is a hefty chunk of nostalgia. They're obsessed with the past, and this season's collabs flaunt their lust for history. Check out this Trainer Spotter Cyril Sneer T-shirt. Maybe you need to be 21+ to remember The Raccoons, so for those who aren't in the know, here goes:

Started in 1980, the Raccoons ran through until 1991. Made in Canada, it followed the adventures of Bert Raccoon as he got up to mischief in the forest. Cue the traditional kids TV hero villain scenario, and step in Cyril Sneer- super wealthy tycoon who attempts to destroy the forest for his own personal gain, resulting in an obvious run in with Bert and his pals- who interestingly included Cyril's son. You can choose your friends eh?

Trainer Spotter Cyril Sneer t-shirt at Trainer Spotter Cyril Sneer t-shirt at

Sadly, they just don't make TV like they used to anymore, but we're going to live through our childish vein and get our hands on this t-shirt which features Cyril rocking a Trainer Spotter cap and his signature neckerchief. What a positively evil chap. Long live Cyril Sneer, The Raccoons and Racoondominium!

Charlie Brown

We all know who he is- the lovable loser, the epitome of everything the American dream isn't- everything goes wrong for Charlie Brown, all the time. Poor kid.

Distinguished by his yellow tip with the black squiggle, Charlie Brown was the brain child of cartoon artist Charles Shulz. Originally a drawing, then a character along with the infamous Snoopy, Trainer Spotter have taken Charlie Brown's most distinctive feature (his t-shirt) and used it to make a nice little range.

Trainer Spotter death to everyone charlie brown tshirt at masdings.comTrainer Spotter Charlie Brown palm tree t-shirt at Russell Athletic

Famed with officially being the oldest sportswear brand in the world, Russell Athletic can trace their roots back over 100 years. Safe to say they've been there, they've done it, and they've probably made a t-shirt or two along the way, then.

Peaking in the 1980's, Russell was one of the street wear giants, along with the likes of Nike and Champion- they kitted out sports teams, from Baseball to Football, in near enough every tier of American sports.

Perhaps one of the most exciting collab's Trainer Spotter have done, their jaunt with Russell Athletic gives reference to the brands huge history, reliving their infamous branding of the 80's. This stuff is set to be huge, so get your hands on it whilst you can.

Trainer Spotter x Russell Athletic t-shirt at Trainer Spotter x Russell Athletic t-shirt at

Ryan J Gray


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