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The corduroy kid. It sounds like a terrible cowboy name, but trust us, there's nothing wild west about this look. Honest. Although there is a hat involved... anyway.

We've put together a handy little everyday look that's perfectly suited for carrying you through the cooling Autumn months that are on the way. Decent denims, well weighted shirts and trendy accessories will keep you looking the part without seeming like you're stuck in Summer mode.

the corduroy kid look of the week at

Nudie Tape Ted Jeans

We love Nudie jeans. They're comfy, they age well, they're great quality, and they're made of organic cotton, which is nice, isn't it?

These Tape Ted's are a skinny fit with a narrow leg opening- making them perfect for rolling to your ankle if you're a sneaker freak and want to show off that Nikey tick or Adidas three stripe (plus a bit of ankle).

This is our current fit of choice, and we love how the raw denim ages so nicely. (If you want to know more about keeping your raw denims raw-check out the denim guide here).

Carhartt Prescott Cord Shirt

Yes, this is where the inspiration for 'The Corduroy Kid' came from. WOO.

Cord's a damn cool material for the coming season, and we love how Carhartt have used it on this street fit Prescott shirt.

The deep navy colour makes it easy to wear with pretty much anything, but we reckon you should link it up with these Nudie jeans and a pair of old school white hi top Converse, for a proper old school nostalgia feel, yano.

Trainer Spotter 5 panel Polka Dot Hat

WELL. This is pretty damn cool right?!

It caps off the outfit nicely (see what we did there?), and gives it a bit more life. We love the polka dot pattern on a starter cap 5 panel, and the blue ties in with the Carhartt shirt to a T. It's a win win hat situation.

Well, that's that for another week then. Your casual woes sorted with a decent street wear twist. Cord, polka dots and denim. Sorted.

Trainer Spotter 5 panel polka dot hat at masdings.comNudie Tape Ted Jeans at Masdings.comCarhartt Prescott cord shirt at

Ryan J Gray


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