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Awkwardly annoying situation that we've all been through. You've got dinner with the missus, Or maybe a hot date. So, What do you wear? How smart do you go? Nothing worse than turning up looking like you've had a fight with your wardrobe...

If this sounds like a scenario you've found yourself in all too often, then leave it with us to show you the way to cracking style that'll let you walk the line between smart and casual. Just make sure you do your hair and wear clean pants, for lords sake.

Dress blues at

Azor Yarrow Blue Suede Boots

First up, it's these Azor Yarrow Suede Boots. Cue the blue suede shoes joke... With a leather ankle section, suede toe front and a leather trim, these boots give a good contrast with textures and colours. Women love a man in good shoes-it's been proven yano.

Scotch and Soda Ralston Jeans

Onward to these Scotch and Soda Ralston Bleached Jeans. Now we know what you're thinking- and you're probably right.

Distressed jeans aren't exactly smart; but that's the whole point. This look is about looking smart enough for dinner, but not tea at the Ritz. The work on this denim wash works brilliantly with the suede finishing on the boots. Dress blues are damn cool.

Scotch and Soda Dress Shirt with clip bow tie

Finally, the all important shirt. Don't be fooled by this Scotch and Soda dress shirt. If you're looking at it and thinking:

A) No chance i'm wearing a bow tie B) No chance i'm wearing a pocket square C) have gone mad

Our answer is quite simply; man up. Bowties are cool. Pocket squares are cooler, and that's nothing but a good thing. Trust us, who ever you're with will appreciate the effort (without them actually knowing that the bow tie can be clipped off, and the pocket square can be tucked back into the pocket, of course).

There you have it then, dressy blues with a hint of removable eccentric fashion. That's a winning combination in anyone's eyes. Azor Yarrow blue suede boots at masdings.comScotch and Soda Ralston distressed jeans at masdings.comScotch and Soda dress shirt with clip bow tie at

Ryan J Gray


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