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TOMS are never going to do anything ground breaking. They're lovely, lovely people who give free shoes to children in need every time you buy a pair for yourself. It's a winning combination- you get a pair of cosy espadrilles, and you get to walk around them feeling nice and smug that you've helped someone more needy than you get their hands (or feet) on a pair too.

Brill. One slight problem though- slip on TOMS have a slightly limited life span that normally only comes during the warmer Summer months, so maybe, like us, you decide to tuck your TOMS espadrilles away in the wardrobe for the Winter. Well, no longer, things are changing, and it's all thanks to the launch of TOMS brand new (and rather lovely) Brogue collection.

Now if you've got images of a traditional British brogue with more serrated edges than some kind of crazy saw armed device from an old episode of Robot Wars, think again. TOMS Brogues are sleek, simple, and elegant.

Finished in a wax cotton, rather than a clunky, heavy leather, they make the perfect shoes for Autumn. A wedge sole makes them bang on trend, whilst a few details such as heel tab branding and an elasticated tongue backing make them distinctively TOMS.

Now we all know that a pair of Brogues can often be a purist thing-and so do TOMS. They've paid homage to the classic style, with front wing tip details, leather welting and cable sole stitching.

So there you have it, a typically TOMS twist on a classic style that most darn't change. We love them, and reckon they'll become seriously useful during the Autumn months-we're planning on chucking ours on with chinos and raw jeans to give an easy smart/casual look.

Ryan J Gray


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