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Dr Martens The Boot Of The Subculture

8th August 2013 | Posted in Womens & Footwear by H. Simpson

A Brief History...

Dr Martens first came about when the Griggs family from Northampton; already successful and established bootmakers, saw an advert in a copy of 'Shoe and Leather News' for overseas partners to join forces with a German duo for their new air-cushioned sole they had recently invented. And so Dr Martens were born and thrust onto the high street, just in time for youth subcultures to form and rise. For some reason, the subculture's way of rebelling was shown through their clothes. Therefore fashion played a large part in these times and in particular with use of a statement Dr Martens boot. The Skinheads were the originals who firmly placed Dr Martens into their rebellious criteria. Paying homage to the working class man, they'd don working man suits and finish this look off with a rebellious statement; the Dr Martens. A few years later, Pete Townshend of The Who deliberately wore a pair on stage and the rest, as they say is history... To this day, the amount of subcultures that have taken on this boot for the exact reasons is immensely high. To name a few we have Skinheads, Punks, Grunge, Emo, Psychobilly, Rockers, Goths...

The 1460 W Boot

The 1460 boot was the one in which Pete Townshend wore on stage. This is seen as the original boot. Over the years, these have been update with colour, shine, etc but the shape and form remains the same. This neon pink colour are a rebellious statement of a different kind. Wearing these would without doubt make you stand out in the crowd.
Dr martens 1460 W Boot

1460 W Boot by Dr Martens

The Pascal Boot

This Pascal boot contains a Spectra patent finish which is a high shine leather with a metallic look. As you can see each boot is near enough the same but each has its own individual difference just as they're worn to create individual difference to the people themselves. This is a more toned down colour than the above, but having a metallic finish is still enabling them to be unique. The patent look proves to be very popular at the minute within shoes and accessories. Check out the Ted Baker range of patent items we have.
Dr Martens Pascal Boot

Pascal Boot by Dr Martens

The Serena Boot

The Serenas have a wooly effect inside the shoe ensuring even more comfort. I'm guessing these would be warmer than the usual so these are ideal for Winter especially. This pair is a more subtle pair unlike the other two, yet still different. You fdon't have to belong to a subculture to wear Dr Martens though, these would be easier to fit within an outfit for every day wear. For a unique look, team this tan pair with black skinny jeans and a tan bag. Our new Ted Baker ones would go with these.
Dr Martens Serena Boot

Serena Boot by Dr Martens


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