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Disclosure Settle

7th August 2013 | Posted in Music by H. Simpson
Ever since Disclosure came onto the scene, all every one could talk about was their ridiculously catchy debut chart single Latch. Who were they? Where did they come from? Well in actual fact Disclosure are two brothers from Surrey aged 21 and 19. Slotting themselves firmly in the middle of the house scene, Disclosure offer slices of garage beats with a sprinkle of soul. Comparing their own latest album to that of Daft Punk and their electronic sound, I beg to differ. Artful Dodger is a more likely comparison of the duo with maybe a little bit of Hot Chip added in there too.

Their newly released 'F For You' is for sure the best on the album; chilled but uplifting, its bound to get your toe tapping. That's not forgetting their single 'Latch' with Sam Smith which doesn't seem to lose its charm whenever its played. One song that's a little different to the rest though is 'When a Fire Starts to Burn', seems a bit weird at first, but after the second listen, starts to appear really catchy, if not a little odd. It seems as though Disclosure are not just sticking to one genre and are in fact grabbing a few and thrusting them all into one song. And it works. Thrown into the mix are forms of pop, soul, funk, house, garage and R&B. One thing that's annoying is that they don't have their remix of Jessie Ware's 'Running' in there. When they remixed this, it catapulted both Disclosure and Jessie Ware into the spotlight catching everyone's attention. Another great pairing up is with Eliza Doolittle on 'You & Me'.

As all other house DJs seem to concentrate on the beat and drops, Disclosure focus more on the soul vocalist and compliment their beats around this. For them, the beat is the background noise uplifting the vocals creating multiple smash hits. When you first listen to the album, there isn't any particular songs that make you want to skip. If you like Disclosure's sound, its likely your going to enjoy the whole album. Each song has that garage grime with an upbeat house feel to go with it. Catch Disclosure at Leeds Festival, Reading Festival, Notting Hill Carnival and Bestival this year as well as their tour around the 02 Academies and the Warehouse Project in November. One things for sure, it doesn't look like Disclosure are heading anywhere any time soon; releasing track after track, it won't be long before they're working on their new album. The last song of the album is really chilled out after all the 'housey' beats prior to this, still very catchy though if you listen a couple of times. If your looking to wind down and chill out to something that might just make you want to head off out as well, this album is the one.

  • Intro
  • When A Fire Starts to Burn
  • Latch feat Sam Smith
  • F For You
  • White Noise feat AlunaGeorge
  • Defeated No More feat Ed Mac
  • Stimulation
  • Voices - feat Sasha Keable
  • Second Chance
  • Grab Her
  • You & Me feat Eliza Doolittle
  • January feat Jamie Woon
  • Confess To Me feat Jessie Ware
  • Help Me Lose My Mind feat London Grammar

    • Best One: F For You
      Catchy After a Few Listens: When a Fire Starts to Burn
      Best for Chill Out: Help me Lose My Mind feat London Grammar
      Best Uplifting: White Noise feat AlunaGeorge

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