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Womens Fashion Tips 2013 Preview

3rd January 2013 | Posted in Womens
Did you take a look at some of the outrageous outfits going on at last years London Fashion week? We did, and some of it was...well, down right frightening. Don't panic- the shops won't be full of polka dot striped suits and pool patterned dresses. This season see's the very best elements of high fashion watered down and made good for the every day; here's your quick fire guide to some styles you really shouldn't miss out on this year.


Vertical striping is striking and eye catching. A style for the brave at heart, you won't go wrong with a traditional black or navy stripe on white.

Open mid riffs

Show some skin and get hold of a dress with a split mid riff. This style helps split the piece and gives a fresh lease of life to a timeless classic, making it younger and way more appealing.

Chambray and Denim

Still a relatively young fabric, Chambray works really well if you don't want to wear denim. Perfect for layering and contrasting, it's texture goes with anything. Don't forget your old pal denim. The ultimate in everyday classics, crack the fit and your on to a winner.


You can take prints as you want them. If you fancy something completely bonkers go for a loud colour mix. Fancy something subtle and easy for layering? Then go easy on the colours and take something nice and simple. Patterns and prints add a cool twist to your wardrobe, and you'll be surprised how often you can wear them.

Grunge deluxe

90's grunge gets a huge revival with wet look leggings, khaki jackets, leather, studs and messed up hair. Mix textures; the rougher, the better. Think Kate Moss meets Pete Doherty: again.

Ryan J Gray


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