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The Olympics By Levis

22nd August 2012 | Posted in Mens

The Olympics: powerful. Iconic. Romantic. Stylish? Yes, stylish. I can hear the cries already. 'Great. More tragic Olympic tracksuits, that will leave me looking more like George Bassett, England Manager, than muscle man Chris Hoy.'

Well, that is no longer the case. However, to beat the present, we must go into the past...

In 1984, the Olympic games went to Los Angeles; and who better to design and manufacture the official outfits of the games than America's favourite fashion child; creators of denim; Levi's. What you see here is the result, re-made and re-mastered for the 21st century. Practically an exact replica, this lightweight wind runner, with red and blue contrast is finished by the original Levi's tabbed logo.

If you're a Levi's fan, you'll understand the history and importance of this jacket. If not-well. It looks pretty damn cool anyway.

Ryan J Gray


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